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Iglupark brings together three essential aspects of every person's life - work, leisure and health - into a well thought-through unity and offers the opportunity to take the time to do just that by visiting the Igluoffice, the Igluhouse and the Iglusauna. This unique idea awaits you in Tallinn's most vibrant area, on the border of sea and land, in the heart of the city, yet in a natural environment. Enjoy the endless horizon, fresh air, a comfortable stay on the terrace and most importantly - the time for yourself. Do it on your own, as a couple or together with friends, and when the sun is replaced by the moon, you can dream away or go out and discover what Tallinn has to offer.

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  • Igluhut

    Watch the ships pass by from the comfort of your bed or catch the last rays of the evening sun on your private terrace. The whole atmosphere and possibilities of the Igluhut are at your disposal. Use it and surprise yourself or a loved one!

  • Iglusauna

    Iglusaunas are located in the best district of ​​the city, where you can spend time with friends or close ones. From here, the most beautiful views of the sea open directly from the sauna platform, accompanied by the best invigorating steam. Come and enjoy the hottest place in the city!

  • Igluoffice interior


    Noblessner Iglupark is the perfect place to find new ways of thinking. To organise client meetings, team events or to contemplate in solitude while gazing into the distance. Situated on the border of land and sea, the unique Igluoffices offer limitless views and yet a comfortable seclusion to reinvigorate you and your thoughts. Come and see!

Near Iglupark


Noblessner, recognised as the best urban development in the Baltic countries, is situated by the sea, near the Seaplane Harbour, within a walking distance from Tallinn city centre and the Old Town. Once the principal submarine shipyard in the Russian Empre, it has now evolved into a stylish and modern seaside urban area. Noblessner features historical industrial buildings with stately architecture, a marina, art galleries, best eateries in town, diverse cultural life and high-quality real estate development.


The PROTO Invention Factory, a whole family attraction centre unique in Europe. The Invention Factory in the former foundry of the Noblessner submarine factory presents dozens of attractions backed by innovative technology and conveys the exciting atmosphere of the Jules Verne era with its fabulous inventions. The uniqueness of PROTO lies in its combination of novel virtual reality technology with technological prototypes from over a hundred years ago to produce an entertaining experimentation lab. PROTO has attractions in various levels of difficulty for adventurers of every age group.

Staapli Art Gallery

Staapli 3 Art Gallery and Art Cafe aims to make buying art an easy, natural and enjoyable social experience. On our 240 square metres of space, we hold various exhibitions and events. In our cosy Art Café, guests can enjoy coffee, wine, good Scottish whisky, cakes and pastry while looking at the colourful art around them. You can find works by a variety of artists whose artwork make up a colourful display in a wide range of themes. There is something for every taste, emotion and price range.


Unlike many other capital cities in Europe, Tallinn has managed to wholly preserve its structure of medieval and Hanseatic origin. Due to its exceptionally intact 13th century city plan, the Old Town was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, joining the ranks of the world’s most recognised landmarks. Here you'll find original cobblestone streets dotted with medieval churches and grandiose merchant houses, barns and warehouses many of which date back to the Middle Ages. Spend a day in an authentic medieval milieu and you will soon realise why so many visitors have described Tallinn Old Town as mystical, mesmerising and addictive.