Compliance with public order

All requirements for maintaining order and peace apply in the areas of Iglupark. In case of breach of public order the representatives of the service provider have the right to involve security staff or the police.

It is strictly forbidden to dump rubbish and throw it into the sea or otherwise damage the area in the territory of Iglupark.

Making a fire in the areas of Iglupark is strictly forbidden.

During the night it is forbidden to play music in any form outside and to disturb other people and/or locals in any other way.

Any activity that disturbs others and endangers oneself and others is prohibited in the territory of Iglupark. The service provider is not liable for any accidents resulting from the non-compliance with the rules and regulations.

Pets are allowed in the Iglupark area, but they are not allowed to be left unattended.

Drinks and food

All the drinks can be bought from Iglubaar, which is located a few steps away from the saunas. Check out the bar menu while booking the sauna. Bringing Your own drinks is not allowed.

You can bring your own food and snacks, or pre-order snack boards from our bar.

Swimming rules

It is forbidden to jump into the water from the area of Iglupark. Swimming is allowed at your own risk only in designated areas. Iglupark is not responsible for injuries or other health problems occurred.

Use of sauna

It is forbidden to use honey, scrubs or other lubricating body care products in saunas. Whisking is prohibited. For the sake of cleanliness and well-being, a towel or seating pad should be used in the saunas.

Staying in the areas and premises of Iglupark

The service provider is not responsible for the preservation of personal belongings and valuables.

The premises of Iglupark may not accommodate more people than previously agreed.

Iglupark is not responsible for the services of third parties in the areas of Iglupark.

It is not permitted to keep flammable, explosive and health-damaging substances in Igluoffices, houses and saunas.

The premises should be handed over in the same condition as before use. It is forbidden to move or re-lift inventory without permission.

In case of emergency, call the emergency number 112.

Smoking rules

Smoking is allowed only in designated and marked areas. Smoking is prohibited in the Igluoffices, houses and saunas.



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